Mirela Talic Fashion Stylist & MUA

Mirela Talic Fashion Stylist & MUA

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Beginning of the fall OOTD

So fall is finally here. It is my favorite season of the year and every end of the summer I become somewhat anxious to have it begin. I love it all: the smell  and the sound of rain, the rich colors of the leaves, the coffee shops, the fall foods, the cozy sweaters, boots, scarves, tights, umbrellas, cute hats,  and trench coats.

In fact, some some of  my favorite fashion trends  textures and colors come alive almost each fall season.  Which of course, adds to my fall excitement and anticipation. The rich vine ,maroon, burgundy, chocolate, mustard, yam, plum, navy and burn orange hues are everywhere apart from your grey, white, beige and black  staple basics you usually see throughout the year. The animal prints, studs, lace, fur, suede and this year's  latest trend fringe are quite fun to play around with during the colder months. 

Yesterday was somewhat of a cooler day than usual due to the rainy weather we have been having 
here the whole week which seems quite appropriate when you realize that today is actually first day 
of fall. I was planning on meeting a friend to help her with some paint supply shopping. She recently
 got into painting and drawing (something I loved since early childhood) and asked me to help her out 
getting appropriate supplies so she could start painting herself.

I actually felt a bit tired  and quite low on energy yesterday, so I wanted to wear something comfortable since there would be quite a bit of walking, but also something that would make me look put together. Something that would make me look like I actually put some thought and effort into what I was wearing. 

I choose a comfortable black pair of leggings/tights and paired it with a black INC  lightweight fringe sweater. I wanted something dark since it was that time of the month due to which I felt quite bloated and not so glamorous and in need of something slimming but also comfortable to move around in. While I was getting ready I tried on few different black sweaters but wasn't really feeling any of them would go well with my plain black tights. Some of them where too short, some too thick and some too plain. I wanted something longer that would cover my behind because I was wearing tights  during that time of the month after all ...... and the last thing I needed or wanted was the attention to 
that  specific area but I  also needed some visual interest because the outfit was black from top to bottom. However, I didn't want any graphics or writing on it .....I wasn't going for a cute look I wanted something more classy with a bit of edginess to it perhaps. The fringe in this sweater was just what I needed. Not to mention that fringe is so on trend right now ...so I looked in the mirror and actually liked what I saw. Finally that is, after I dumped all my clothes on my bed, leaving my closed 
almost empty and decided I had nothing to wear LOL. Yeah, I was literally having one of the  fashion crisis-meltdown kind of days! 

When it came to footwear,  I needed something comfortable. We where planning on doing a lot of walking and while I could have chosen a shoe that would put some color into my plain outfit and play a role of that statement piece of the outfit I decided to wear a pair of black suede boots that had a bit of  a heel I bough few winters ago. The boots where comfortable enough to walk all day in. I tested that so many times before and the suede, pointy toe and a bit of height added a sexier feminine touch to go along with the sweater fringe.  

I toyed around with the idea of wearing an animal printed scarf but decided not to thinking I would end up feeling too warm.  The morning was kind of on a cooler side yesterday  so wearing just a scarf was not quite enough. I wanted to wear my dark tan/truffle Calvin Klein trench coat and adding a 
scarf would be a bit much later on. 

For my accessories I wore  sparkly golden hoops, my everyday diamond rings paired with Essie' Happy wife happy life nail polish which is a glossy  reddish  burnt orange color  and my simple golden necklace with tiny beads along with my  Michael Kors Studded Selma black handbag. The black color is appropriate for fall and the studs added a bit of tough attitude to my otherwise  neutral classy plain outfit.   

I felt like wearing a soft smokey neutral eye makeup yesterday but I paired it with a shimmery soft peachy pink  lip which was quite low maintenance  and a touch of blush to add a bit a color which is my go to look when I'm not  really feeling it or am in a rush to get out the door. I curled my hair by putting my hair in hot rollers than keeping them on while I was doing my makeup. when I was done I simply took  them off and brushed my hair out which left me with soft manageable fuss free curls. 

So that is pretty much it for the look. When I'm feeling a bit under the weather, tired or simply uninspired I opt for neutrals with subtle details that play well together.

INC V- Hem Fringed Tunic  Sweather 

Similar Calvin Klein trench coat with removable button-off hood