Mirela Talic Fashion Stylist & MUA

Mirela Talic Fashion Stylist & MUA

Thursday, December 24, 2015

Christmas OOTD : Blue Animal Print

As far as fashion colors go I seem to be sort of traditional when it comes to holidays like Christmas.  I seem to always choose either a red, black or white outfit. Usually the first two colors with more frequency. I don't know what it is about Christmas that makes me pick such traditional colors when usually I am the one to push the envelope. However, this year I decided to change that around and chose a beautiful blue dress instead :). 

I have been seeing animal print yet again all over the place this year. It's no surprise for me that a animal print is here to stay. It's an autumn essential practically. The last few years however, the designers have been coming out with animal printed fabrics in completely different colors than those that are naturally found and acceptable in nature when it comes to different animal prints. Now you can find them in red, turquoise, blue, green and many other colors.

Of course, if you know me  at least a bit, you already probably guessed that I do love me some animal 
print :))).  I always had a soft spot in my heat for it ....no matter how old I was. I seem to prefer those prints that are closest to natural ones though, as oppose to the one mixed with various different things on the fabric. I believe a good animal print done right can and does look very classy and sophisticated. However, when done wrong can look very cheap.  It's one of those things you have to be mindful with when putting an outfit together. 

 For this occasion, I picked MICHAEL Michael Kors Long-Sleeve Animal-Print Dress that I fell in love with from the first time I saw it. This dress comes in few different colors which I got all but I purposely chose it in the color dark azurite which is beautifully rich blue to wear on Christmas Eve. 

Long-sleeve style makes MICHAEL Michael Kors' sheath dress an ideal style for cool days and haute 
Boat neckline
Pullover styling
Long sleeves
Allover animal print; contrast print at hem
Sheath silhouette
Hits above knee
Machine washable

The dress is very comfortable, stretchy, sophisticated and is very flattering on my body. I loved the stretchy fabric because it was comfortable and flattering without emphasizing any lumps or bumps. It just hung well instead of clinging anywhere I didn't want it to. Because of the fabric choice for this dress I can see myself wearing it any time of the year really on different ocassions. 

All these pieces paired together kept me warm, sophisticated and looking different which is exactly what I wanted. 

For jewelry I decided to keep it simple. The dress and it's  beautiful color and print where the star of the show ....or that statement piece I was focusing on. I chose to wear my hoop diamond earrings in yellow gold ....and my rings I wear on daily basis without adding anything else. 

Because it is cold out and my dress was on the shorter side I paired it with a fur coat for much needed warmth. As far as my handbag went, I kept my Michael Kors Studded Selma ....the handbag I have been loving all fall/autumn long. 

For my eyeshadow makeup I chose a soft purple matte  cut crease with a touch of cobalt smoke. I paired that with a cobalt eye pencil and mascara and black liquid liner. For my lips I chose a neutral  warm nude lip with soft peachy blush to balance out  a bit the cool toned eye makeup. And that was pretty much it :) 

May this Christmas season bring you closer to all those that your treasure in your heart. Wishing all my lovely friends that celebrate it very blessed, happy and peaceful holidays.


Tuesday, December 22, 2015


It was about 8 years ago that I tried for the first time ever the Chanel's COCO MADEMOISELLE. It was gifted to me by one of my family's close friends on a very special day in my life. I was still very young (about 23) and haven't yet developed a "nose" for a good perfume. However, I do remember loving it's youthful, free spirited elegance. Just few days ago I got it as a gift once again :), and upon opening the bottle and inhaling the scent.......I was flooded by memories. For me this fragrance is truly sentimental in more ways that one. So when I got it as a gift this year again.....I  simply had to write about it. 

Inspired by the irrepressible spirit of the young Coco Chanel, the modern Oriental fragrance entices with an utterly feminine composition, expressing refined sensuality and incredible freshness. Coco Mademoiselle is a feminine perfume by Chanel. The scent was launched in 2001 and the fragrance 
was created by perfumer Jacques Polge. To me, Coco Mademoiselle is a younger free spirited playful sister of the original sophisticated and very classy Coco.

By this point you may have gathered that Coco Mademoiselle has nothing whatsoever to do with the original Coco, the reference serving exclusively as marketing leverage. The “Mademoiselle” part is on the other hand is entirely accurate: this is a very youthful fragrance. Something I strongly believe was needed and well received as far as the older more sophisticated fragrance lineup goes which I and I'm sure many out there already love. 

It’s sexy, elegant, classy and feminine but youthful and fresh at the same time. As many have said, it is patchouli all the way, with jasmine and musk. The  musk and the citrus together just sit so beautifully on the skin.I can't point out/separate every single note but I suppose that’s the thing about a good -quality perfume, that all the notes blend in together and you can’t quite put your finger on each of them. I feel it to be quite "creamy" but not powdery. It fills up a room but is not 
overpowering. I guess that what I’m trying to say is that the minute you walk in people are going to 
notice you but in a subtle way, it’s not a "in your face" kind of fragrance. 

I would be very comfortable wearing it on a daily basis and often do just that,  although this could be worn on special occasions/evenings.....it's pretty versatile. As far as the seasons this fragrance would work best for .....I would say you can go either way. I think the burst of that citrus freshness  would work great during warmer months while  the heavier notes of musk and rose also work well in cooler weather. When it comes to age this fragrance is aimed at I believe it leans towards younger consumer, so I would say  ladies in their 20-30s. Although, I noticed that even older ladies carry it nicely ....so again plenty of room to wiggle here as well. 

When I smell this perfume I envision a laughing, enthusiastic youthful, bubbly woman who is sweet and classy. She's assertive, but doesn't have to prove anything.  I envision someone who is full of joy 
and brightness. Someone who knows who she is and is quite content with it. Someone who is too 
busy living her life to the fullest to care about what others think. Someone who knows her worth. 

Coco Mademoiselle fragrance notes
* Top Notes : Orange, bergamot grapefruit  
* Heart Notes: Lychee, Rose, Italian Jasmine
* Base note : Indonesian patchouli, Haitian vetiver, Bourbon vanilla, white musk 

Sunday, December 20, 2015

Having A Narcissistic Mother - Part 1

Narcissistic personality disorder. The word in itself makes me cringe because it describes to perfection what I have been put through and what I am still fighting to survive and let go of. Up until few years ago I was completely oblivious that the term that described my mother's behavior so well even existed. I always thought I was at fault and that I somehow for one reason or another caused my own internal suffering.  It wasn't until few years back (right around the time I began my weight loss journey), that I got intensely interested in  pshicology books and by mere accident discovered the Narcassistic behavior disorder term. 

In my blog I talk about all things that are beauty and fashion related. In all reality I suspect not many would expect me to talk about such a heavy, real and very personal topic. I think many would never admit they had such an issue.  I have to admit I was hesitant about talking about this so publicly and openly at first. But I have come too far to give up. And if this helps  someone even a little bit in their journey towards recovery and healing would make me truly happy and grateful. The more I learn and talk about the things like this .....the more strength I have to overcome my obstacles. For me, it's therapeutic in a way. 

Apart from what I do ......I am a human being with struggles like anyone else. I think for some it's easy to forget about that when all they see and know about me is what I post so it's very easy to assume that my life is perfect and without any hurdles.

I always thought  that beauty is more than  a set of brushes or a new lipstick, it's more than a perfect shot/selfie or an amazing outfit of the day, it's much more than anything materialist or branded and superficial. It's being compassionate towards others. It is being thankful when you are struggling to find what to be thankful for. Beauty for me is true acceptance of who you are as a human being. It is accepting you strengths  shortcomings, mistakes and weaknesses and those of others. It's about recognizing your own strength and using it to better yourself everyday. It's about finding something positive that keeps you moving when everything is falling apart. Beauty is being able to forgive what nobody else would. It's the ability to stand out and away from the crowd while being perfectly content in doing so and feeling proud of yourself and who you authentically are unapologetically. Beauty is being at peace with yourself no matter what goes on around you. Beauty is the ability to look at a person and truly see what's behind the smile, the words and actions ...... seeing what truly lies behind the outward looks. Beauty is seeing a person in his/her entirety ......not seeing only the parts you wish to see and accepting  all of them as they truly are .....not just the parts of them you  like. Beauty is accepting the complexity of human beings  (yourself included) and accepting it for what it truly is. Beauty is seeking and only accepting the authenticity in everything and everyone around you and never settling for watered down versions...... Because of all these reasons and many more I have not mentioned here I dare to get so real in my blog and discuss real life issues we all have. 

Few years back I was determined to loose weight and in order to do that I had to fight my own demons .....the ones that are inside my head that is. The ones that make me behave in the way I did, do the things I did repeatedly and think the way I did around food and how I deeply felt about myself. I was determined to figure out what exactly was the root cause of why I disliked myself so much.....what exactly was crippling me? Why couldn't I be happy? I wanted to know what was I doing wrong and how to fix it permanently this time around. I knew that in order to achieve weight loss  I had to first change on the inside which turned out to be much harder to do than any physical change I was ever going to experience on the outside. I didn't want to lie to myself anymore......I think at that point in time I was just ready. Mentally, emotionally and physically ready ....for a serious  life change. I refused to suffer any longer and just survive instead of live. 

All of a sudden I stopped caring about my own excuses ....instead I had to find out the truth. The truth about my crazy  dysfunctional family dynamics, the truth about how everything and everyone around me actually had an effect on who I was as a person.

The childhood is where  most of our foundations for the most part are formed and we are shaped into people we become later in life. As we grow and develop what we learn and experience becomes essentially a part of each and every one of us. Of course, later on as we go trough life we add to our experiences and develop as human beings. We become more mature and more open to different perspectives as we acquire more knowledge as oppose to the one we all started out with as children or 
young adults which was mostly influenced and shaped by our parents or people who where in charge of raising us. 

Of course if a child is raised in healthy family environment with a strong foundation and support from both parents and family it has high chances of becoming a very successful adult later in life. However, when the tables are turned and they come from a broken  and very dysfunctional family with no support from extended family members it becomes very hard for this individual to cope and they in most cases  grow up with a whole host of issues and struggles they have to address before they can even move on and focus on anything else. I'm not going to say there are no exceptions to both sides, I will note though that those aren't many. 

So as I was sitting there reading articles about how to overcome weight loss struggles mentally and make an infernal change.....at the same time I was also searching Amazon for  self help books I could read to help me understand myself better and inspire me along the way. On the side of my screen where the purchase suggestions usually appear was a book that caught my attention. It is called WILL I EVER BE GOOD ENOUGH? Healing The Daughters Of Narcissistic Mothers by  Karyl McBride Ph. D.. What initially drew my attention was the "will I ever be good enough?" part of the title because to be frank I was wondering the same thing majority of the time I was around my mother, ever since early childhood. I read the rest of the title and began wondering what exactly is a narcissist? As I opened the free preview and read the first few pages of the book all I could repeatedly say was "OMG!, omg, omg, omg, OMG! ........I think that was my epiphany moment. The moment I discovered what I lived as a child  and for most of my adult life was being described  on the screen right in front of me.  But it was just a preview and I needed to know more......I googled the words "narcissistic mother" and hundreds of articles and videos popped up. I was in literal shock. I couldn't believe what I was reading, hearing and seeing. I was both happy to know I was not  alone and completely insane because there where hundreds of people out there who where and still are battling the same things I was and still am. However, I was also sad because I almost wished I didn't discover it .....I didn't want to admit it, acknowledge it or face it......because now I had to, there was simply no way out. I was sad because I had to accept that my mother had to do with everything negative in my life including my weight issues. It's hard for a child to grasp and truly believe such a thing about their 
own mother because it simply goes against the grain. In our society we are always taught that mothers love their children. I think the first few days after discovering this I was not interested in anything else but reading and watching videos about narcissistic behavior disorder. I think it became somewhat of obsession of mine for a while there. I didn't want to accuse/think of anyone being narcissistic unless I was sure 100% beyond any reasonable doubt that was the case.  In all actuality, I was looking for a reason or something that would convince me otherwise. Unfortunately I was unsuccessful. The more I learned about the narcissistic disorder the more I was convinced that my mom possessed every trait of it. 

I was flooded by emotions the more I learnt about it. I felt guilty for one,  because I was thinking the worst of my own mother. I mean, how could I? What type of a person was I? I felt hurt because I finally understood what she has done to me over time. I felt empowered because I knew what I had to do to overcome it.  I felt happy because finally I was understood and there where people out there just like me. I was not alone. I felt pain because I knew the only way I was going to get better would be to completely cut contact with her. 
I intent to write more about my  personal experience dealing with my  mother's narcissistic disorder further in this blog for sure in the very near future. This is just the part one. For now, I just wanted to let you know that you are not alone. I invite you to look the term up and  to be very honest with yourself about it. There are hundreds of re-sources out there to help you on your path of healing and recovery. The book I mentioned above ( WILL I EVER BE GOOD ENOUGH? Healing The Daughters Of Narcissistic Mothers by  Karyl McBride Ph. D.) is an excellent source to start with and I do highly recommend it. All you really have to do is .....take that first step. It might be the hardest and scariest step you ever took ......but rest assured it will be the best step you ever took towards a  happy life you deserve to have.
To be continued...... 

Check out the Part 2 by clicking on the link below: 

Take care,

Saturday, December 5, 2015

Review - Prada Sunglasses, PRADA PR 27NSA

Prada Sunglasses, PRADA PR 27NSA

I am one of those people who really stick to that saying "quality over quantity". I tend to stick  to this rule in almost everything in my life.....well  I did say ALMOST EVERYTHING, except the relationships.  I think I prefer a good combo of quality and quantity when it comes to one on one human relations and interactions. But let's not wander off the topic here :)), this is after all a sunglasses review not a relationship consultation haha! 

I was in the market for a pair of Prada sunglasses for a while now. It was one of those things I kept putting off since summer.....and here we are at the beginning of December!  :) I had few pairs in mind that I liked but I ended up settling for a beautiful round tortoise brown frame one with polarized brown gradient lenses. 

I love the swirl design on the sides and big round brown gradient lenses. I don't think I even need to talk about the Prada's  world known quality and craftsmanship. They are sturdy, classy and stylish, the lenses like mentioned before are polarized and easy to see through and I can see myself using them for years to come. 

I purchased mine online at Macy's, after trying them on  in store several times before along with all the different pairs I had in mind just to make sure I wanted that specific pair. They arrived beautifully packaged with a Prada case and a lint free cloth included. 

I must admit, in my sunglasses collection so far they are my favorite pair. I have been wearing them almost on daily bases. And not particularly because they are a new pair because I do own another Prada pair and I am not always keen in the same way towards everything that I purchase or is new   .....but because I simply love everything about them. They are comfortable on, comfortable to see through, look great on my already round face which is a surprise because the frame is  completely round, are good quality and are simply lovely to look at in themselves. 


Would I recommend them? YES, 100%!  Is this a budget friendly purchase? NO 100% not! They are not the most affordable pair of sunglasses you can get by any means ......but they are certainly worth saving up for. I enjoy them so much and am very happy I got them :). 

Thanksgiving Dinner Animal Print Faux Fur+Leather OOTD

I have been loving the leather+fur combinations this year for some reason. It results in a luxuriously classy look with a touch of danger......if done right, of course. One always has to be careful though because the line between classy and downright trashy is a very thin one for this particular look. Therefore, tread with caution :)). 

This actually was the look I choose for my Thanksgiving dinner. I wanted something feminine and sexy yet comfortable and classy that kept me warm when needed, hence the faux fur animal print coat. 

For my top, I wore a v-neck black cashmere sweather. I love the softness and the lightweight of a nice cashmere piece. I paired that with a fringe faux leather mini skirt and thicker semi-opaque black tights for added warmth. For shoes I choose my tall black suede boots that I have been so obsessed with this season. Almost 4 inch thicker heel with a bit of platform and a round toe, these are so completely unexpectedly comfortable .....I could and actually do spend all day in them without a complaint. The coat I choose was the faux fur, animal print coat by Bar lll

Finally  for my accessories, I choose my Michael Kors Studded Selma handbag along with my Prada sunnies. 

I didn't fuss too much with makeup, somehow this winter I am focusing more on liner and lips more than eyeshadow. I take it this is a phase that we all go through from time to time :). I paired a navy cat eye liner with a rosy nude lip and cheek and was out the door in no time :)). 

Thanksgiving  Animal Print  Faux Fur + Leather OOTD: Bar III Fur Coat, Charter Club Cashmere Sweather, Max Studio Leather Mini Skirt, Calvin Klein Tights, IMPO Tall Suede Boots, Michael Kors Studded Selma Leather Handbag & Prada Sunglasses 

#barlll #charterclub #maxstudio #calvinklein #impo #michaelkors #prada 

Thursday, December 3, 2015

Monochromatic/Black & White, Russian Inspired OOTD

I had a long busy day couple of days ago, well longer and busier than usual. I had a lot of things to do and really needed a chic outfit that also was comfortable and warm because the  cold, foggy weather we've been having for the last few days outside was anything but kind. The winter is slowly creeping up to us for sure and the beautiful fall colors are disappearing. It makes me somewhat sad to see the autumn go since it is my favorite season.

During Black Friday  sales last week, I purchased a black faux fur hat that actually inspired the outfit I put together here. I was going for something monochromatic/black & white, fitted and of course Russian inspired.

So how exactly do Russian women keep themselves warm without getting drunk having all that Vodka? The answer of course lies in all that beautifully luxurious, soft fur. I always admired the beautiful and very elegant Russian actresses on screen wearing lovely fur coats and hats. The dresses and heels, red lips, gorgeous earnings and stunning hair dos. I mean, come on...... How could I not get inspired???  .....the look is so very lovely in Russia or anywhere else in the world during cool weather months.

 Even though my makeup  was not as dramatic but a rather soft taupe/spicy nude  one with  delicate shimmery rose hues with a softer brown eyeliner,  this was my inspiration for this very look and I just went with it :)).

Monochromatic/Black & White, Russian Inspired  OOTD: Calvin Klein Black Trench Coat, Express Striped Flounce Skirt, Charter Club Cashmere Cardigan, IMPO Olita Tall Suede Boots, Nine West Fur Hat, Michael Kors Studded Selma Handbag.

Rose & Taupe Makeup -EYES: Milani Berry Amore, MAC Fuidline, Anastasia Beverly Hills Ebony Brow Pencil, MUFE Mascara. LIPS: MAC Taupe, MAC Spice. FACE: Estée Lauder Double Wear in Ecru liquid & powder foundation, Benefit Prosefessional Primer, Milani Berry Amore, Hourglass Ambient® Lighting Palette.

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Black Friday Haul

Every year around Thanksgiving Day, I'm the first one who always says that I'm not going to go into a shopping frenzy during Black Friday. In fact, I try to convince people around me to stay home any save their money haha!  The irony of it all! LOL However I  myself always end up going crazy with the crowds until the wee hours of the morning and this year was no exception. It is in fact very comical how I am so convinced every year that this time around I am staying home ......and few hours later I can be found somewhere buried under a pile of cashmere sweathers and fuzzy slippers.

I'm not certain exactly what it is about the Black Friday that sucks me in every single time. It could be that  competition rush of getting something everyone is after ......getting a great deal .....or just the enjoyment of sharing the excitement of it all with family and friends .....and possibly even the other shoppers around me who I quite often end up being friends with afterwards. It can't be the weather for sure .....because this year it was so cold outside that I ended up swapping my bellowed wine trench
coat and wearing a fur coat the entire evening/night.

I'm not a fan of bragging or showing off, so I hope this haul doesn't come off in that way. However, I do enjoy seeing and reading about what other people got so hopefully for some of you this might be enjoyable. So here are the things I got this year. I did not go overboard this year like some previous years but I did get a few things I did actually need anyway.

First thing I got was of course a cashmere sweather. I'm a huge lover of cashmere during colder months so it has become almost a tradition to get at least one every year on Black Friday. This year I got  a v-neck in black cherry color.

The second thing I got where 2pairs of fuzzy slippers. These are an essential of mine during winter months as I use them non-stop so I usually stock up during Black Friday. This year I got two pairs one in black and other in animal print.

The third thing I got I actually just found randomly unplanned. I got a chrome chain belt. I'm a big fan of chain belts ....but can be somewhat picky so when I saw this one I was delighted.

Last thing I got was a faux fur hat. I was planning on getting a hat but a wool one with a flower embellishment or something similar but I did not find any I liked .....instead I found a fur one that I fell in love with and decided to get it.

So that was really it......Now, I am quite sure I will not need anything next year!  LOL

Sunday, November 29, 2015

What keeps you awake at night?

Woke up from a dream that shook the very core of my being few nights ago. Powerful/impressionable  enough to change my perspective on some of the long held beliefs/opinions.  I feel that sometimes when you don't deal with things in your full conscious state, you deal with them unconsciously ....or perhaps in a different state of consciousness altogether.  Couldn't seem to fall back asleep that night ......too many thoughts. 

I was sitting there in the dark after an hour of laying in my bed just letting my thoughts run around freely trying to understand myself. After an hour had past laying in my bed completely lost in and consumed by my thoughts  I was  quite sure that for the time being I was not going to get any more sleep in any immediate future. I decided to put how I felt in words and pulled my iPad out......without really knowing what I was going to write exactly.....nor even realizing that this was going to turn into a full blown post.

I'm certainly not a dream/sleep specialist by any means, but I'm sure most of us at some point or another in our lives experience one or even a few of these type of dreams. The kinds of dreams that make you step out of yourself and look at things, people around you and your life in a completely new light. The kinds of dreams that take us into the future and explore the options of what our life could be so vividly that we end up having such a hard time accepting these experiences as just mere dreams. The circumstance could be both good or bad ....depending on how we  personally perceive those. The kinds of dreams that make us think about our own life and death and about the life and death of others around us by literally making us experience those events in very realistic feeling manner. The kinds of dreams that make us reconsider our decisions in life and make us think "What if?". The kinds of dreams that revive our past and our memories and feelings of it. 

No matter our beliefs, thoughts or personal opinions about dreams. I think we all can agree that many times they leave a profound mark on a person we believe ourselves  to be. I can personally remember quite a few dreams during different times in my life....and some I had more than 15 years ago.  For example, I dreamed about a specific number few weeks before I had my son. I woke up very shaken by the dream and for some reason or another could stop thinking about it. Trying to figure out what exactly it mean without much success. The number I dreamed  about that specific  night actually turned out to be an exact date he was born......I had absolutely no way of knowing that.....because the birth was never pre-scheduled .....it was an emergency c-section that happened more that 15 years ago. After I had him, I thought to my self "So this is what it mean? How could I not know?" Maybe I did know in some very small way but somehow was refusing to go there because that would be considered "weird". That is so astonishingly hard to believe sometimes!  

While a lot of dreams are somewhat insignificant, confusing and often senseless  many times dreams are very powerful. You go to sleep being one person and wakeup as a totally different one. 

Sweet dreams,