Mirela Talic Fashion Stylist & MUA

Mirela Talic Fashion Stylist & MUA

Friday, April 15, 2016

Spring Coral Maxi Dress OOTD

Spring is here :). Bright poppy, lavenders, fuchsias, violets, yellows and corals, breezy lightweight fabrics, soft but bright pastels, floral prints, lovely sandals, painted toes and bright colors are popping up everywhere. I love the happy and cheerful mood spring puts me in every year. It's unlike any other season of the year. It inspires freshness, lightness and excitement of the new beginnings :). And the blooms, ah the colorful blooms! ......paired with bright lush greenery and the nature waking up after a long sleep......it just puts me in a mood of starting new fresh things I have never tried before. The season just makes me more energetic and inspired. 

While the spring is the season when the weather gets significantly warmer, dressing in layers is undeniably recommendable. While there are lovely, bright sunny days, there are also rainy, dark gloomy and quite cold ones as well .....and often all this is combined in a single day where you have virtually all seasons happening within the 24 hours. So it's best to be prepared, hence the layers. 

That is exactly why I tend to lean towards wearing a lot of maxi dresses during spring season. I tend to love the light fabrics that are bright and colorful that I pair with a neutral cardigan and sandals or wedges. This way I'm still  very much girly and colorful for spring but also warm and comfortable due to the long  dress layers and the cardigan. 

For today's outfit I paired a bright floor length lightweight coral maxi dress with a black lace detail cardigan. A nude cardigan would have worked great here but I need to repurchase a new one since my old one became too big overtime. I figured a black one would still work great and because the dress was plain the cardigan lace detail on the shoulders would lend an interesting touch to the outfit. 

For my footwear I picked a pair of  rhinestone rose detail shimmery bronze flip-flops. I painted my toenails/nails coral to match my outfit and I accessorized my foot by adding a yellow gold sparkling charm anklet. 

For my accessories I wore a nude chain clutch with a golden tassel detail  by International Concepts that I recently got from Macy's for spring/summer. I wanted something lightweight that would allow me to carry bits I needed but also keep me hands free yet still put together. I wore my everyday mix of different metals jewelry that included white and yellow gold and diamonds. 

Spring Coral Maxi Dress OOTD- Cardi: 89th & Madison, Maxi Dress: B Darlin, Footwear: Yoki, Handbag: International Concepts 

My makeup was simple. Chocolate liquid liner and coral lips and cheeks :). I wanted a pop of bright color without going overboard in terms of both my outfit and my makeup so I focused on emphasizing on one main color and adding interesting and complimenting hues and details to it. And that was pretty much it ......

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