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Mirela Talic Fashion Stylist & MUA

Saturday, August 8, 2015

Moving, Updates, You Tube???

Moving, Updates, You Tube? 

Have you ever heard that saying "You never know how much stuff you  really have until you move." .....yeah that saying. It's really true!!! For the past several weeks or a little over a month I have been trying to settle into a new place I am planning to call home ......hopefully for a longer period of time this time around. I have moved so many times during the last few years and not just locally but internationally .... that the mere thought of yet another move would literally drive me up the wall :) I'm not even going to go into just how much time it took to pack everything up while still trying to live a life, work and deal with everyday and not so everyday stresses.

I feel like I can finally say "phewwwww it's finally over!....." Well at least for the time being :). 

My new home unlike the previous place I lived in, is a place I actually like. It's an open space loft with a skylight, lots of big windows that let in a huge amount of light, a balcony that looks over the  pound filled with baby ducks and waterfalls surrounded by the beautiful park like setting filled with lots of tall trees.  I am also very happy about my new gym which I finally am looking forward to using...... The walking trail is also very beautiful for those day when I don't feel like working out inside....and the pool of course is always welcome :)))) I finally feel happy when I wake up each morning to start my day. The place actually makes me feel content and very inspired ......a perfect place to paint, draw or write by the water.....or even to make a video of course :) 

For the last several weeks I found myself in serious organizing  designing, and decorating mode. Trying to get rid of clutter,  deep clean everything, design the rooms just how I envisioned them (though that is still very much work in progress). It goes without saying that hauling furniture around  and painting walls where not the only things on my To Do List for sure. 

But I feel like all that craziness is finally winding down and every day there is less and less left to do.....though I absolutely enjoy using my creativity and making my new home beautiful and a joy to spend time in ......backaches, not being able to find my clothes and undergarments and exhaustion are not something I fancy. But hey,  which moving doesn't do that....usually you end up with a few broken things, discover things you forgot you even owned and at the end of it all end up deciding you really need a serious vacation .....

Anyhow, I just wanted to check in with you, let you know I'm still alive and that I am still thinking of getting back to You Tube. It might take me a bit more  time to fully do that .....but be assured that I'm in process of setting things up with the intention of seeing you all back on my channel. I'm actually really looking forward to it, though I hope I still remember how to do things being that I haven't uploaded any videos for several years now. 

I'm including a few pics of my new place. Please keep in mind it's still not done yet but I'm persistently working on it everyday. 

I hope you all are enjoying your summer. 

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