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Mirela Talic Fashion Stylist & MUA

Friday, May 20, 2016

Makeup Haul - MAC, NYX, Model in a bottle, Maybelline

Hey everyone, 

It's kind of ironic that I'm sitting here  this morning looking thru all the new bright spring and summer makeup I recently bought on my table, having my coffee and munching on my homemade cinnamon roll while its raining cats and dogs outside. Yay for spring LOL! 

Since the spring has arrived I have been so into colorful, bright makeup. And not so much eye shadow per se, but rich, bright eye pencils, mascaras, liquid liners and liquid lipsticks. For some reason or another I am preferring softer blush and eyeshadow than normal and am choosing to bring out that spring/summer pop of color in different ways than usual. Besides, bright colorful makeup seems to me all the rage this spring and it's not really hard to predict that this particular trend is highly likely going to spill over into the summer months. 

So I'm going to start with a few staples of mine. Nothing highly exciting but nonetheless essential,  for me anyways.  

The first thing I'm gonna talk about is the MODEL IN A BOTTLE eyebrow sealer. I love this stuff. I have posted a video few years back about it to my you tube channel. It seals and sets your eyebrows so they don't smudge or melt of even get shiny or oily all day until you take it off no matter the season. It works with literally any pencil/powder/gel no matter what the price range of it is. The consistency of it is clear liquid but after it dries/sets there is no budging so even if you touch your brows it doesn't come off on your hands or even clothes.....or on another person's face, should you be kissing or hugging :)). I ordered mine from the MODEL IN THE BOTTLE site directly  because I was running out but you can find these all over the place online. Also, they offer other products as well. I have not tried them out yet but I imagine they would be great as well. 

The second thing i got is also a product I have used for few years now.  It's the Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Eraser Dark Circles Treatment Concealer in color 120 - Light/Pale. I think if you are even a little bit into makeup you already know that a lot of people love this stuff. It brightens, conceals and has anti-aging ingredients, it is light weight .....and on top of all this doesn't crease or feel cakey. 

I also thought I would try an eyebrow pencil by NYX, since I heard so much great stuff about these.  I wanted something darker and richer without any red tint in it but not too dark for my completion.  The shade I got is SPE 903 - Dark Brown.

While I was in Ulta picking up the NYX brow pencil I got caught up playing around with stuff in the NYX isle. The bright rich colors made me want to walk out with 3 bags of makeup but luckily I didn't do that. However I did pick up 2 liquid liners from their VIVID BRIGHTS line . Both gorgeous colors. The first one was in VIVID FIRE shade, a pigmented rich bright reddish coral that I absolutely adore. I have created a look I posted to my Facebook page few days back with it. And a second one in VIVID VIOLET shade. I'm still working on a makeup look using that one since there is so much I could do with it and I didn't have time lately .....but I'm just so inspired because the colors are just so  breathtaking. 

I also picked up a NYX liquid  cream lipstick from their NYX LIQUID SUEDE line in color Pink Lust. This color is richly pigmented and perfect for summer with a simple minimal eye makeup. Or crazy in your face bright pink makeup shown below LOL. It goes on glossy but dries to a creamy matte finish. I am obsessed with this shade and don't quite have anything exactly like it in my never ending pink lipstick/gloss collection as of yet .....so I had to have it ..... There are also few more amazing shades I'm still lusting over in that specific line. 

I also got a NYX COLOR MASCARA in shade CM01 - Purple/Violet, I thought it would pair perfectly with the VIVID VIOLET liquid liner and the color is to de for :). 

I also picked up few products from a cosmetic outlet store and pretty much they where all by MAC. It all started  while back. I was looking for a specific burgundy shade of gel liner MAC had last fall or at least something very similar to it but could not really find anything even remotely similar.  I even visited their PRO stores. I ended up searching all over the place and went thru all sorts of different makeup brands but nobody had anything close to what I wanted ....so I ended up finding all these completely unexpectedly while shopping for something totally unrelated at the designer outlet mall in my local area .....finding extra products in that specific shade actually really made my day :). 

MAC FALSE LASHES MASCARA - Artificial Aubergine 



I love all of these for fall and winter. I ended up stocking up and getting 2 of the gel liners in the same shade just in case I could not find anything similar when I needed/wanted it again and of course.  I couldn't pass on the mascara.  It goes perfectly with the gel liner. I think these types of shades bring out the best in my hazel eyes. All of these where limited edition of course, except the lip liner which is still sold in MAC stores currently. 

Well, that is it from me at this time for this haul. Talk to you all very soon :).
Take care,

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