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Mirela Talic Fashion Stylist & MUA

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

For the love of dessert!

It's kind of ironic how I just wrote about my ongoing weight-loss journey in my latest blog post few days ago, simply because what  I'm about to write about right now is about to get very and I do mean very sweet :)

I will never deny that loosing weight and keeping it off did not come with its ups and downs. Indeed, I have learned a lot about portion control, calories, healthy and well......not so heathy options out there. I have also discovered that while my passionate, over the top love affair with dessert has gotten me in trouble many times in the past, I was not yet prepared to give it up completely. Even while loosing all that weight. Because I knew that my weight-loss doom would always result from deprivation. Not only of dessert but of anything really.the trick for me as with everything else was to find that balance and have a bit of everything in moderation. 

My solution and my way of keeping things in check is to allow myself once in a while to actually  have my cake and eat it too :).  By once in a while I actually mean once a week. What I mean by that is that I actually do have guilt free desert ....and I do mean indulgently rich kind of dessert. The kind that makes me feel downright bad after I had devoured it ravenously. I never believed in watered down desert .....we all know the kind I'm talking about. I always believed dessert should be indulgent ......but also portioned and worth eating. It should be something you really enjoy since you don't  get to eat it in limitless quantities or often......in other words I'm not  a fan of wasting my calories on things I felt just so-so about.

So my favorite types of dessert are truffles and European cakes and pastries usually eaten with coffee....all of these options are needless to say are very bad for weight-loss if eaten in abundance. However, I simply must have these once in a while and they must be  best tasting and of the highest quality I can get. I'm the type of person who would rather eat one over the top dessert per week than spend all week eating random sweets here and there....that where not as good but much more affordable.  I'm not sure how or why but my strategy so far has kept me out of trouble in terms of getting of track when it came to desert in general. Let's just say I have learned to keep my sanity this way :) 

So, last week was my birthday and when hubby asked if I wanted a cake I simply said no. I told him I wanted a box of my favorite truffles instead. There where actually two very specific reasons for my answer that day, because let's face it turning turning 31 does require a cake for sure :). The first was because the truffles I could actually eat little by little overtime instead of having a huge cake I had to eat quickly before it dries up in the fridge and goes to waste. The second reason was that the weekend following my birthday I was actually going to be in Vancouver BC, Canada. While there, I was planning to visit Thierry: a French Chocolaterie Patisserie Cafe, where I was planning to get really  really bad :). Knowing all this made my decision of not having a birthday cake that much more easier ..... 

Voted “Best Desserts” and “Best Pastries” in Vancouver, Thierry offers a contemporary approach to the finest handcrafted chocolates, macarons, pastries, and desserts where renowned Pastry Chef Thierry Busset’s can often be seen working in his open atelier. I must admit, after reading all the wonderful online reviews about this place there was just no way I was able to stay away. I must say their Chocolate Marquise Cake was to die for. The hazelnut dacquoise, salted caramel,  crisp praliné and chocolate mousse made me want to eat my breakfast, lunch and dinner there for the next year .....but unfortunately or should I say fortunately for my waistline  I had to leave in three days. 

Ultimately  I  have realized my love of desert never really went away completely, it just got more and more refined as the time went on and the pounds came of :) 

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