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Mirela Talic Fashion Stylist & MUA

Sunday, November 29, 2015

What keeps you awake at night?

Woke up from a dream that shook the very core of my being few nights ago. Powerful/impressionable  enough to change my perspective on some of the long held beliefs/opinions.  I feel that sometimes when you don't deal with things in your full conscious state, you deal with them unconsciously ....or perhaps in a different state of consciousness altogether.  Couldn't seem to fall back asleep that night ......too many thoughts. 

I was sitting there in the dark after an hour of laying in my bed just letting my thoughts run around freely trying to understand myself. After an hour had past laying in my bed completely lost in and consumed by my thoughts  I was  quite sure that for the time being I was not going to get any more sleep in any immediate future. I decided to put how I felt in words and pulled my iPad out......without really knowing what I was going to write exactly.....nor even realizing that this was going to turn into a full blown post.

I'm certainly not a dream/sleep specialist by any means, but I'm sure most of us at some point or another in our lives experience one or even a few of these type of dreams. The kinds of dreams that make you step out of yourself and look at things, people around you and your life in a completely new light. The kinds of dreams that take us into the future and explore the options of what our life could be so vividly that we end up having such a hard time accepting these experiences as just mere dreams. The circumstance could be both good or bad ....depending on how we  personally perceive those. The kinds of dreams that make us think about our own life and death and about the life and death of others around us by literally making us experience those events in very realistic feeling manner. The kinds of dreams that make us reconsider our decisions in life and make us think "What if?". The kinds of dreams that revive our past and our memories and feelings of it. 

No matter our beliefs, thoughts or personal opinions about dreams. I think we all can agree that many times they leave a profound mark on a person we believe ourselves  to be. I can personally remember quite a few dreams during different times in my life....and some I had more than 15 years ago.  For example, I dreamed about a specific number few weeks before I had my son. I woke up very shaken by the dream and for some reason or another could stop thinking about it. Trying to figure out what exactly it mean without much success. The number I dreamed  about that specific  night actually turned out to be an exact date he was born......I had absolutely no way of knowing that.....because the birth was never pre-scheduled .....it was an emergency c-section that happened more that 15 years ago. After I had him, I thought to my self "So this is what it mean? How could I not know?" Maybe I did know in some very small way but somehow was refusing to go there because that would be considered "weird". That is so astonishingly hard to believe sometimes!  

While a lot of dreams are somewhat insignificant, confusing and often senseless  many times dreams are very powerful. You go to sleep being one person and wakeup as a totally different one. 

Sweet dreams,

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