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Mirela Talic Fashion Stylist & MUA

Thursday, December 3, 2015

Black Friday Haul

Every year around Thanksgiving Day, I'm the first one who always says that I'm not going to go into a shopping frenzy during Black Friday. In fact, I try to convince people around me to stay home any save their money haha!  The irony of it all! LOL However I  myself always end up going crazy with the crowds until the wee hours of the morning and this year was no exception. It is in fact very comical how I am so convinced every year that this time around I am staying home ......and few hours later I can be found somewhere buried under a pile of cashmere sweathers and fuzzy slippers.

I'm not certain exactly what it is about the Black Friday that sucks me in every single time. It could be that  competition rush of getting something everyone is after ......getting a great deal .....or just the enjoyment of sharing the excitement of it all with family and friends .....and possibly even the other shoppers around me who I quite often end up being friends with afterwards. It can't be the weather for sure .....because this year it was so cold outside that I ended up swapping my bellowed wine trench
coat and wearing a fur coat the entire evening/night.

I'm not a fan of bragging or showing off, so I hope this haul doesn't come off in that way. However, I do enjoy seeing and reading about what other people got so hopefully for some of you this might be enjoyable. So here are the things I got this year. I did not go overboard this year like some previous years but I did get a few things I did actually need anyway.

First thing I got was of course a cashmere sweather. I'm a huge lover of cashmere during colder months so it has become almost a tradition to get at least one every year on Black Friday. This year I got  a v-neck in black cherry color.

The second thing I got where 2pairs of fuzzy slippers. These are an essential of mine during winter months as I use them non-stop so I usually stock up during Black Friday. This year I got two pairs one in black and other in animal print.

The third thing I got I actually just found randomly unplanned. I got a chrome chain belt. I'm a big fan of chain belts ....but can be somewhat picky so when I saw this one I was delighted.

Last thing I got was a faux fur hat. I was planning on getting a hat but a wool one with a flower embellishment or something similar but I did not find any I liked .....instead I found a fur one that I fell in love with and decided to get it.

So that was really it......Now, I am quite sure I will not need anything next year!  LOL

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