Mirela Talic Fashion Stylist & MUA

Mirela Talic Fashion Stylist & MUA

Monday, November 16, 2015

Let it snow! Plaid + Cashmere OOTD

MOM ITS SNOWING!  Shouted Dali in my ear right after he jumped on top of me while I was asleep this morning! .....I jumped up like " What? Who do I have to kill?" LOL! It was Sunday for God's sake! Why am I being awaken at 5 in the morning?! Nonetheless, I was excited to see some snow. It doesn't really snow here at all, it rains a lot which I enjoy ...but I do actually miss seeing the  glittery white winter wonderland each year since I moved here. I had not really been given a chance to decide whether to strangle Dali for waking me up screaming with excitement or to join him myself. I jumped up, made coffee and breakfast then quietly sat next to the window enjoying the view and my breakfast and coffee in my cozy PJs for a while. 

We ended up going some holiday shopping later in the day. I wanted something warm and cozy but feminine and put together to wear. I wanted to wear a long skirt.  For some reason I was itching to wear one. I haven't worn one in  such a long time. A long skirt used to a staple in my closet before my weight-loss. It was  not only a flattering style to wear or a mere fashion statement back then for me it was also in fact a good way to hide yourself in it....or well,  hide the parts of yourself you didn't want seen. I had one practically in every color/pattern/style imaginable.  After my weight loss I donated practically all of them but I did keep the one I ended up wearing. Although I did pin it ...just for the time being.....the waist is huge and the skirt longer then I would like. Needless to say I need to take it in for tailoring ASAP. I kept forgetting though, since I stopped wearing long skirts all together the last couple of years. I think I stopped wearing them partially because they reminded me of my need to hide behind long clothes ....and partially because I no longer felt the need or want to do that any more. However I did keep this one skirt because it was one of my favorites and because it has sentimental value ....it  has practically traveled the world with me :).  After some debate I decided on this long plaid skirt  by Charter Club I bought few years ago and paired it with simple black cashmere cardigan ....also by Charter Club. I wore my tall suede black boots with the outfit for added warmth and I was set. 

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