Mirela Talic Fashion Stylist & MUA

Mirela Talic Fashion Stylist & MUA

Sunday, November 1, 2015

Shopping Asian Fashion & Sizes + Korean Lips Dress OOTD!

When I think about Japanese or Korean Fashion , the first few words that come to mind are: cute, feminine and tiny..... Yes I said TINY! :))) Their fashion trends are beautiful and unique .....and very often not something easily found in non-Asian countries ......but the sizes are tiny :(((. Disappointment doesn't even cover how I feel about that. I think,  becoming anorexic would be the only way I would actually fit into a lot of those cute clothes, not that I would ever encourage that or recommend it to anyone ever. Asian people are just built smaller than the rest of us. They have smaller frames both women and men genetically. 

However in recent years, they caught on and realized that they are not the only ones loving their styles so nowadays there are a lot of online places where you can get these cute pieces in sizes you can actually fit in .....which is a relief. I'm not saying it isn't a gamble still. There are still a lot of random online overseas retailers  who will sell items very affordably (much more affordably than here at home), but then their sizes will be 2-3 sizes smaller than stated in their description. And when you figure out that shipping/returning them back should they not work out  will actually cost you more than you paid for the item itself....... the whole idea defeats the purpose completely. 

Few weeks ago I was browsing online reading about trends in Asia (primarily Japan and Korea)  and came across a dress I really fell in love with. Actually, I found it in few different places online with 
very different price points and few different size ranges and descriptions but decided to contain my excitement and do some research  first on the sellers and read some reviews. The dress in question was a light weight black empire waist a-line flowy dress with bright red lips all over it. I simply had to have it. It was way too cute and too affordable to just simply pass on it. I took my measurements which corresponded to a size larger than I normally wear. I ordered a large while I normally wear a medium and sometimes small in dresses and got it delivered about 10 days later. I was delighted when it fit me ....I was happy that the seller was accurate in their description/measurements for this dress and that the dress was actually of very decent quality.

I ended up  wearing it last Friday night. I paired it with my HUE opaque black tights for warmth since the dress is very light weight and my BCBGeneration Timoh Bootie which added a bit of toughness to this very girly print dress. Everyone loved it and asked where I got it from since the haven't ever seen anyone around here wearing it. 

So my ultimate advice when shopping from Asian sellers: DO THE RESEARCH! - make sure you find and go thru real reviews for the sellers and items they are selling, compare prices and 
descriptions of the item, take measurements of yourself and Google a cm/inch  converter, when in doubt go 1-2 sizes larger than you are normally, read the return policy ......and ultimately acknowledge that sometimes you will loose money.

Other than that, happy shopping! 

HUE opaque tights 

Korean Lip Dress

BCBGeneration Timoh Bootie

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