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Mirela Talic Fashion Stylist & MUA

Monday, March 14, 2016

Cheat Day-What I ate: March 13th 2016+Weekly Weigh In

Hey there everyone,
I hope you end of the week was wonderful. This whole entire week was tremendously busy for me. I have been working on a project that had me practically running around all day everyday. I tried to cook and eat at home for the most part but that did always work out because my days would start at 5 in the morning and end late night .....so if I wasn't home I had to eat outside or wait all day to eat which wasn't the best idea. This week ahead is going to be very busy as well, but knowing how the last went hopefully I can be better prepared. I also apologize for posting this morning, instead of last night.  This was the first time I was late with my blog. I felt really exhausted and I just fell asleep......I guess I really needed some uninterrupted sleep. Anyhow, yesterday was first day of spring......so winter is officially over, although it was raining all day long as I custom here for the most part.

Here is what I had today:

For breakfast I had overnight oats in 1 cup of vanilla almond milk. Topped with a mix of 2/3 of shredded and cubed Apple with half of 1/4 of a cup of raisins', 2 chopped medjool  dates and cinnamon. I heated up this mixture than topped my warm oats and drizzled with a teaspoon of organic honey. To drink I had coffee with creamer and stevia sweetener and bottled water. Breakfast Cal Intake: 411

For lunch/brunch I had a cinnamon swirl doughnut with caramel icing and small side of strawberries. To drink I had coffee with stevia sweetener and creamer and bottled water.  Lunch Brunch Cal Intake: 450

For dinner I had a slice of homemade spicy BBQ Chicken pizza.  To drink I had diet drink and bottled water. Dinner Cal Intake: 700

Today's total calorie intake: 1561

Weekly Weigh In: +0.4 :(. I kind of expected to gain weight because this week was all over the place when it came to what I ate. I'm just relieved it was only 0.4 increase  because truthfully it could have been much worse. I have been really busy but apart from that I have been also struggling not to give in to temptation of eating things I'm not suppose to for the last month or so. My husband is not a health conscious person at all. He wants to loose weight but this is not as big of a priority to him as it is to me. Some days he will copy me and exactly  eat what I eat and other days he will put me in situations where it is hard to be strong and eat right no matter how hard one tries. I feel like I made so much more progress while I was alone. It seems I take one step forward to take 2 steps backward ever since he came back a month ago. It's really frustrating because I know I myself am very capable of achieving my goal because I have done it so many times before. I have come too far to just give up now and am very serious about it. I had a word about this with him this week because I'm starting to feel I need to separate myself from him for a while in order to reach my goal if things don't improve. I haven't seen any weight loss progress ever since he came back. All I have been doing is gaining weight than trying to loose that same weight .....I'm just feeling kind of tired and frustrated with the situation.  I only have to loose less than 15 pounds to reach my goal .....it's kind of ridiculous I have to struggle so much to achieve it. It's really hard when the other person is not on the same page as you ..... You have to put in double the effort then normal  and the struggle become so much more harder just to keep up emotionally, mentally, physically, pretty much in every way. So those are my thoughts and feelings this  for week.....

Weight loss since the 1st of January 2016: 9.8

And that was it for today,
Until tomorrow,

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