Mirela Talic Fashion Stylist & MUA

Mirela Talic Fashion Stylist & MUA

Friday, February 5, 2016

Casual Friday Denim + Basics OOTD.

So I'm all for dressing up on Fridays, well  actually let me correct that - I'm all for dressing up anytime really :). However Friday and Saturday seem to be the days of the week when people go out the most, attend the parties/special events  and such the most.  Being the end of the week days it is no wonder that people are ready to unwind, relax, have fun and look their best. But what if you feel like skipping the two hour process of getting ready sometimes? Well then, your Friday outfit and make will  probably be  somewhat similar to mine today :).

So for my outfit I went with basics pretty much and paired white, long sleeve v-neck top with black leggings. I wore a fitted denim jacket on top of my white top ....and was contemplating adding a scarf but decided to just skip it all together and keep things simple. I wore my high heel tall suede boots which paired with black leggings made my legs look that much longer.

I didn't fuss with make up almost at all. I kept my skin even and fresh looking. Focused on my brows and lips. I wore a light shimmery hue of red lipstick and softer blush and a bit of mascara and kept my eyes pretty much bare.

And that was pretty much it for today's outfit. I guess I can be pretty versatile as far as the looks go. Sometimes I'm very classy other times I'm very simple. I guess it depends on my mood and inspiration :).

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