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Mirela Talic Fashion Stylist & MUA

Monday, February 1, 2016

Undergarments & Fit + Adore Me-Subscription Review

So I have not done a review in a longer while now, but sometimes when you come across a product or a service worth mentioning (wether it be to bash or rave about it) .....you just got to go for it and let it be known.

You all know I love fashion and beauty and most of you know that few years back I have spent in fact a lot of time reviewing mostly beauty products and services on my You Tube beauty channel.  Today however, I'm going to review a subscription service that focuses on one of the core components that has a ton to do with how we feel and look in our clothes - the undergarments.

I always felt that a good fitting bra and panties make a world of difference on how something looks and feels on us. They can make all the difference between  good flattering fit and feeling confident ....and of course feeling subconscious about how clothes fit and how we feel about our body in them.
Needless to say choosing proper size, fit and type of undergarments for our individual specific need is....well very CRUCIAL.

Many women just don't understand how important this really is. Bra size can change just by gaining or loosing as little as 5 pounds! I didn't understand that myself until I was about 25 years old or so. I would wear bras that where either too big or way too small constantly....and wasn't even aware of it. From that time onwards every little while I would get measured/fitted to check if I'm where I'm really suppose to be.

To think more than 50% of women wear the wrong bra size is just astonishing. My sincere advice is
to go and get fitted .....it's free and also very painless :))). So why not do it. Many stores do it for free and even sometimes give stuff away for free when you go get fitted. To name just a few Macy's, Lane Bryant and Victoria's Secret  all can have you in and out in less than 5 mins! Knowing your proper bra size will make a world of difference ....just trust me :). Your clothes will look so much better on you and quite honestly you will look thinner .....I don't know a single  girl/woman who doesn't like the idea of that.

Now back to my review :). I have been seeing Adore Me subscription popping up everywhere for the last few months. It is all over Facebook, Twitter and You Tube. I for one,  was and still am a Lane Bryant customer however their panties are a no go for me....they are just too big. So while I can't match my bra and panties from there I do love their bra quality and fit. I do buy a few items at Victoria's Secret from time to time ...and while they are cute ....for some reason they are just not as durable and many times are way overpriced. Being than I'm loosing weight I'm very close to not being able to shop  for bras any longer at Lane Bryant. I'm already in their smallest sizes. So if I loose any more weight I will have to find other places to shop at for bras.

Adore Me from what I have gathered during the last few months of seeing/reading their reviews, is a monthly subscription service that offers much more than just matching bra and pantie  sets. They offer PJs, lingerie, bridal intimates, swimwear and all sorts of things of that nature. What is great about them is that they have a huge size range .....so no matter where you are at they will have something for you.

You can shop from Adore Me any time you want or you  can become their VIB member which brings their price down by about $10 for each bra and pantie set. Another thing is that is great about becoming a VIB member is that you can skip the month any time you want by just remembering to opt out by the 5th of each month and every 6th set is on them ....meaning free for you :).So you don't have to  make a purchase if you don't feel like it or you simply don't have room in your budget  for it that  month. So very flexible :).

We all need bras and panties .....we will never stop needing them.  That is a  true.fact :))).  After all the rave reviews on fit, gorgeousness and quality of their stuff ....I decided to give it a try and see for myself. I  placed an order approximately a week ago and got it today :). So not too bad on shipping. Plus  shipping, returns and exchanges are all free.

I went with my normal size that I currently am (34dd bra and small for panties) and what I got fit me perfectly......I was honestly very pleased :).  I didn't expect it to be so easy and hassle free. The set looks to be of great quality and it is beautiful. I do have yet to wash it to really see how it holds up. Once I do I will update this post on my findings ....but honestly other than that ....I think it's a great deal for what you get. I mean I love pretty undergarments and I have most certainly spent way more than $39.95 for a set many many times in the past. So ....so far I recommend :). For $19.99 it's worth a try .....

It came beautifully  warped and packaged which is another added bonus....it makes me happy personally to get something so pretty to open.  Try it for yourself.....even if you are single.....just because it makes you happy. Although I'm sure anyone  around who has the permission to take a peek  at it will also be very very happy :)))). I think every girl/woman deserves to feel pretty  in and  underneath her clothes ....it really doesn't matter what size/age you are I think having a nice set of undergarments always makes you feel that much more confident and special .....and who doesn't want that :).

I got my first set for $19.99 ....and since I signed up for VIB membership my next set will be $39.95.... or actually it will be $29.95 since they sent me a coupon for $10 off my next set ....nice :).

I'm certainly interested in another Adore Me set ....I mean,  the Valentine's Day is just around the corner :).

Take care,

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