Mirela Talic Fashion Stylist & MUA

Mirela Talic Fashion Stylist & MUA

Sunday, February 21, 2016

What I ate: February 21st 2016+Weekly Weigh In

Hey everyone,

Today is a Sunday and as is the custom, my weigh loss journey results for this week are below.

Here is what I had today:

For breakfast I had  2 toasted English muffins with 1 tbsp of orange marmalade and 1 tbsp of light butter. To drink I had coffee with creamer and stevia sweetener and bottled water. Breakfast Cal Intake: 370

For lunch/brunch I had a banana cream swirl cake. To drink I had coffee with creamer and stevia sweetener and bottled water.Lunch/Brunch Cal Intake: 300

For dinner I had a 1 cup of basmati rice with few meatballs in sauce and a hard boiled egg. To drink I had diet drink and bottled water. Dinner Cal Intake: 600

Today's total calorie intake: 1270

Weekly Weigh In: This week I'm very upset. I have gained 3.8 pounds. I feel like even though I do my best at staying positive even when I don't feel like it, I  seriously let myself down this week. The reason - the people who say they support you but when it really comes to acting on it ....really truly don't. In fact they put you in situations knowingly where you easily fail. And they do that after they watched you come so far :(.I have worked so hard the last few weeks. You all know it. The progress I was making had me so happy and proud of myself. Through being sick, through period LOL and cravings, through stress, through being depressed and all. One thing though that was different with all those weeks and this one  week is that the person in question was not around me and this week they where and the difference is REALLY evident. I weighed myself this morning and I started crying.....I really did. It really hurts to work so hard and want to accomplish something so bad .....and know you can do it .....but then allow someone to just mess it up for you because you care for them. It's hard to realize that they don't care nor understand you the way you honestly need them to. It's even harder to realize that no matter who is around you..... With some things you are completely on your own.....no matter what is being said to you.....actions as always count more than words :(.

So this week was a total mess up......I don't even have the words to describe how I feel about it besides those used just now.....all I can say is that I really feel down today. But tomorrow is Monday, so hopefully during next week I can fix whatever I messed up this week. Yes I will be loosing 2 weeks before I can move forward, possibly more (1 gaining unwanted weight.....2nd trying to loose that unwanted weight) but things happen.....all I can do is take responsibility, learn from it, not allow it to happen again........and keep going. I am really sorry everyone :(((

Weight loss since the 1st of January 2016: 8 pounds

And that was it for today,
Until tomorrow,

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