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Mirela Talic Fashion Stylist & MUA

Saturday, January 30, 2016

Fashion & Accessory Haul- ALDO, DSW, Charter Club, Torrid, Jenni

Hey there everyone,

This haul post was probably way overdue being that most of these things where bought few weeks back .....but nonetheless better late than never. For what it's worth I haven't worn any of these yet so I figured all of these are still very new to me :).

I have been looking for a good denim jacket for ages to wear with my sleeveless summer and spring flowy dresses  .....I love the combo. However between loosing weight, changing sizes and not finding the perfect fit .....it proved to be a real task finding just the right one. I didn't want anything boxy of too over the top .....but just fitted comfy and simple. Something with good definition that was very figure flattering ....and this little jacket by Charter Club fit the bill perfectly.

Now I don't really shop at Torrid at all. I wish I knew about the place when I was bigger though because they have the cutest stuff ever. But I was searching for a floral hat for winter and came across this little black gem  with white little flowers with pearl beads. I fell in love it instantly. I found it on clearance along with this black and white Petar Pan collar Barbie Sweather. I got it in the smallest size they offer .....and figured I would wear it as an oversized sweather with leggings or something ....couldn't pass it up even if it was bigger on me.

I'm a sucker for soft comfy P.Js. That is pretty much what I live in on day to day basis when I'm not going out. I love to be comfy around the house .....but I also love to be cute at the same time .....I got this velour set by Jenny which I thought was so adorable. I also have it in black star print. It's comfy, soft, looks great on and really warm for cooler weather.

I was hanging around in DSW few weeks ago looking for something completely unrelated to my purchase. I saw this awesome wallet by ALDO I thought was really nice. I loved the studs and the design of it. It had whole bunch of compartments, a lot of space. It could easily double as a clutch. I left the store that day without it .....only to come back few days later and purchase it because I couldn't stop thinking about it LOL.

If you remember my Black Friday Haul few weeks back, you probably remember I initially bought this Nine West hat in black. I simply loved it so much. It is warm and really soft. People passing by would constantly comment how much they loved it .....and I really loved it myself and decided I should have it in brown as well.

The last thing I got was this string of faux pearls with little sparkle accents .....in reality I was after a much simpler but much longer string that I can tie into a knot and wear with longer sweathers. I couldn't find what I was looking for ....but I did find these which would work well with different pieces in my wardrobe so I picked them up.

I think that is it for this haul really. I hope you enjoyed it.
Take care,

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