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Mirela Talic Fashion Stylist & MUA

Monday, January 18, 2016

What I ate: January 18th 2016

Hey everyone,

So here we are at the beginning of the new week again. It is Monday. I feel great and am ready to take on this week! Today my calorie intake was fairly low, I'm not quite sure why it has been so some days as of lately since I'm not doing this purposely I just feel full after I'm done eating and don't feel the urge to go snack on something more. I feel like I have a good mix of heathy and not so healthy foods. I'm a foodie by nature, I like making and eating all sorts of food and sweets ....hence the need to loose weight :), so while I want to be healthier I don't have any plans of becoming a health freak. I'm nowhere near trying to cut foods out or deprive myself of anything. Rather, I'm just trying to create that calorie deficit I need to loose X amount of pounds while also trying not be a complete over the top junk food freak. I actually like the food I eat ...both healthy and not so healthy one. I think moderation is key. However, I don't advise going below 1200 calories per day ....it's not healthy for neither you nor myself. Yes, my aim is to loose weight and seeing the scale number go down each week makes me want to run around in circles and scream with joy :)). I'm not even trying to be sarcastic here. However, I have no intention of making myself sick in the process of doing that. Let's see if we can work on that tomorrow :).

Here is what I had today:

For breakfast I had the doughnut I got yesterday that I didn't get to eat. I figured I would have it this morning for breakfast, because if I would have had it yesterday I would've crossed my 1300 cal per day intake that I like to stick by. So I had it for breakfast instead along with 1/2 a sliced blood orange. It didn't come with blue sprinkles those where from another doughnut my son had that just fell off and stuck to mine LOL. To drink I had a cup of coffee with creamer and stevia sweetener and bottled water. Breakfast Cal Intake: 575

For my lunch/brunch I didn't have anything. I felt quite full after I had a doughnut for breakfast. Lunch/Brunch Cal Intake: 0

For dinner I had a 1 cup of veggie soup. I have made this soup last night. I used my slow cooker to make it. I threw in a few sliced potatoes, sliced carrots, frozen peas, barley, a can of stewed tomatoes, water, seasonings and spices and....I was pretty much done. No oil, no babysitting, no mess! Easy and healthy way to get your veggies in for the day. Plus it is very filling. To drink I had a bottled water. Cal Intake: 250

For snack today I had a Dannon Light & Fit Greek Yogurt topped with 1 kiwi fruit and  1/4 of a cup of frozen organic blueberries (no sugar added). I have made this while I was watching Love, Lust Or Run on You Tube tonight. I have been obsessed with that show lately. I think it has little something to do with the fact that Stacy London is in it....love her so much! <3 <3 <3 Snack Cal Intake: 140

 Today's total calorie intake: 965

And that was it for today,
Until tomorrow,

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