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Mirela Talic Fashion Stylist & MUA

Sunday, January 10, 2016

What I ate: January 10th 2016 + Weekly Weigh In

I feel like my Sunday was  wayyyyyyy too short! Boooooo!!!! ..... But than again don't we all. Today I was both good and bad  LOL.

Here is what I had today:

For my breakfast I had a blueberry bagel with Greek yogurt cream cheese. To drink I had cup of coffee with creamer and stevia sweetener and bottled water. . Breakfast Cal  Intake: 330

For brunch/lunch I had a maple caramel doughnut with coffee with creamer and stevia sweetener and bottled end water. Lunch/Brunch Cal Intake: 350

My snack today was a small sugar cookie with sprinkles. sample  I was given in the store when I was grocery shopping earlier.  Sorry I completely forgot to take a pic of it :(((. Snack Cal Intake: 100

For dinner I had a tuna salad with spinach, feta, boiled eggs, olives and tuna. To drink I had 1/2 diet drink and bottled water. Dinner Cal Intake: 284

 Today's total calorie intake: 1064

Weekend Weigh In:
This week I lost 1.2 pounds. Which is good for a start. I think the loss would have been greater had I skipped on pizza earlier in the week and yesterday's traditional Bosnian food which is quite heavy. Nonetheless I'm content with a slow but steady start and am looking forward to the next week.

And that was it for today,
Until tomorrow,

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