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Mirela Talic Fashion Stylist & MUA

Saturday, January 9, 2016

What I ate: January 9th 2016

Today I had a relaxing Saturday. I met with a friend for coffee and later decided to make a traditional Bosnian dish Kljukusa that my son Dali was asking me to make for the last few day. Well, kljukuĊĦa is a traditional Bosnian dish made by grated potatoes mixed with flour and water or milk/yogurt/cream. It's baked in an oven until golden and crisp on the outside and soft inside. Some people cut it in squares and then serve it and others skip the potatoes and drench it in feta cheese, sour cream, milk and bit of butter than sprinkle with garlic. Not exactly the lightest dish, and not pretty at all but you have to taste it to truly appreciate it for what it is. I don't remember when I made it last but my son ate everything by himself today while I was trying to stick to a proper portion size. Hopefully all of you are having a wonderful weekend.

Here is what I had today:

For my breakfast I had 2 toasted English muffins with 2tbsp of Nutella.  To drink I had cup of coffee with creamer and stevia sweetener and bottled water. Breakfast Cal  Intake: 490

For brunch/lunch I did not have anything to eat but I did had a skinny caramel Macchiato with my friend. Lunch/Brunch Cal Intake: 160

My snack today was a Dannon Light & Fit Strawberry Cheesecake Greek Yogurt Snack Cal Intake: 80

For dinner I had  Kljukusa (a dish I was talking about earlier above). To drink I had bottled water. Dinner Cal Intake: 500

When I saw this above in Google search when I was looking up the calories of Kljukusa for the portion I had I died laughing .... Not sure if I was Laila she was talking about ....but I had to include it here LOL.

 Today's total calorie intake: 1230

And that was it for today,
Until tomorrow,

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